Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Pascal Droeven wins in Vresse

Semois SC was back in action earlier this month with a small event of 4 players. Every players had to play each opponent twice. Pascal Droeven took the honors after winning five of his six games while Renaud Parisel was runner-up. Local players are improving and really hope to get more players involved in the future.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Bernard Lim on top in the TFAS League

The TFAS League for the month of September saw 7 players playing with the main highlight was our newest league player Fauzi Ghani, the Newly crowned SG Satellite Champion joining us. A swiss 4 games format was adopted with several shocking results notably, Fauzi losing 1-0 to Haikal, Bernard trashing Fauzi 3-0 & Antonio 4-1. End of the day, the better scoring team won the tournament, with Bernard edging out Rudy on a better goal difference; after both players shared the same number of league points (10pts) making Bernard the winner of Sept TFAS league.

(Write-up by Rudy)

Results are as follows:
Rudy 2 v 0 Rizal Taib
Bernard 4 v 1 Antonio
Fauzi 0 v 1 Haikal
Vikas 1 v 0 Bye
Bernard 2 v 2 Rudy
Haikal 0 v 1 Vikas
Fauzi 1 v 0 Rizal Taib
Antonio 1 v 0 Bye
Vikas 1 v 3 Bernard
Rudy 5 v 1 Haikal
Fauzi 1 v 1 Antonio
Rizal Taib 1 v 0 Bye
Rudy 2 v 1 Vikas
Bernard 3 v 0 Fauzi
Antonio 1 v 1 Rizal Taib
Haikal 1 v 0 Bye

1. Bernard
2. Rudy
3. Vikas
4. Haikal
5. Antonio
6. Rizal Taib
7. Fauzi

Fernando Gomez first winner in Javea

Elena in action
On Saturday the club of "Marina Citerior" organized in Javea, Alicante, Spain, their first "MontGoal Tournament" of a series of events to be held every month. As a start is was a good day, even if there was a small field of six players. A couple of usual players were on a trip but generally speaking it was a funny Subbuteo event. The participants were from different countries and all ages were present. for the very first time, 2 representatives from Bulgaria were taking part!

The winner was Fernando Gomez, an experienced player, very active since decades and with few world cups participations on his shoulders. The final was against Pasquale Carrassi, who came back playing after thirty years of lethargy, and it was a equal match, so Pasquale was quite satisfied.

Photos and results available here:  https://we.tl/VMSj3iR6L7
Podium of the day

Alfie and Alex
During the next few weeks the club will start activities in a couple of local schools so hopefully that will increase the numbers of participants to future events.

Congratulations to Marina Citerior Subbuteo Club for the excellent work of promotion!

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Elliot wins it...but not tonight!

The first round of the (WASPA) 17/18 Harrow League, started last week at the Tithe Sport & Social Club.
The evening started with Elliott lifting the cup as a twice league winner in a row, but that aside, this wasn't gonna be his night, proving that if he wants to make the treble, this time will have to sweat a bit more than last year as the quality of the players got harder.
Elliott Bellefontaine
After 4 rounds of Swiss System, surprisingly and deservedly, the winner of the night was the Englishman, no not Panos or Rudi🙄, no, no Victor either, he's too english, and neither Luca, he's in Italy, but the Englishman in New York, well not that close but still, in America, Paul O'Donovan Rossa, yep, you read right, the english Yankee was still nice and warm from his performance at the recent World Cup in Paris that decided to leave the sign in Harrow, before heading back to Trump and his wall, and he did it in style.
Paul Odr started quietly, winning his first match vs Neil Doherty (2-0), then drawing in the battle of the Pauls, vs Paul Andreas (1-1), and considering PA hadn't play properly in a long time, nobody really thought ODR's performance was gonna be that impressive for the sessions to come. Instead he was just warming up for the big finale, in round 3 he went on beating the reigning champion (1-0), by that stage Rudi thought that the night was gonna be his as a draw would have been enough to guarantee himself the 15 points prize, ODR had a different plans and completed the opera by beating Rudi as well with the same score, for political correctness and making sure he wasn't doing any favouritism to anybody but himself...bugger!!!
ODR just was simply amazing all night, his blocks were second to none, the WC must have been a real workbench for him, well done👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Those bloody Americans coming over and taking our wins like that, go back to your country😜.
Rudi, the eternal second, done just that, ending 2nd again, he started with a rather surprising 4 nil win vs Panos, then went 2 nil up against Elliott, before Elliott woke up and came back to a draw with nearly a win in the last minute, beat Victor (2-0) in round 3, and couldn't managed to break trough ODR's impeccable defence, as said a draw would have guaranteed him the night but in all fairness, ODR's win wasn't just deserved but should have been way larger in score.
Third on the night a very impressive Marco Ghigliotti, if he hadn't lost in the second round to Victor (2-3), after starting with a draw (1-1) vs PA, and two wins in the last two rounds (3-0 and 2-1), vs Neil Doherty and Elliott, he could have finished 2nd or even winning it, but anyway, the new Hawks player showed that he will be a good addiction to the squad for the season to come, very few doubted that.
Good 4th place for PA, considering his troubled last couple of seasons due to injury, steady on Victor, 6th on the night, underachieving his potentials, a rather negatively surprising Panos 7th (just bad form), and last but not least, Neil (8th), but honestly this night, would have been really tough for him to come higher than that. He's improving and that's what really matters.
Anyway results and tables to follow and hopefully see you all and more at round 2 (TBA).

Session 1
Elliott v Victor 2-0
Panos v Rudi 0-4
Neil v Paul ODR 0-2
Paul A v Marco 1-1
Session 2
Elliott v Rudi 2-2
Paul A v Paul ODR 1-1
Marco v Victor 2-3
Panos v Neil 0-0
Session 3
Elliott v Paul ODR 0-1
Rudi v Victor 2-0
Paul A v Panos 2-2
Marco v Neil 3-0
Session 4
Rudi v Paul ODR 0-1
Elliott v Marco 1-2
Victor v Panos 0-0
Paul A v Neil 3-1

Table and standing
10 Paul ODR (15)
7 Rudi (12)
7 Marco (10)
6 Paul A. (8)
4 Elliott (7)
4 Victor (6)
3 Panos (5)
1 Neil (4)
(.) League Points

Round 2 of the WASPA 17/18 Harrow League, Wednesday the 4th of October at 7:30pm. As usual the venue is the Tithe Sport and Social Club in Rayners Lane. Everyone welcome, league players and not, other clubs players and not, boy and girls, old and youngster (like me), straight and not (like...), everyone!

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Benny Ng wins Northern Phoenix tournament

The second Northern Phoenix WASPA took on a league format as six competitors fought it out on a cold and wintery Melbourne Friday evening. Each player would ultimately only play each other once (each game lasting 20 minutes) in a truly cup style event with each game carrying identical importance.

Barring a couple of games, goals proved hard to come by as resolute defences proved the order of the evening. In the end it was Benny Ng who claimed his second Phoenix title ahead of the much improved Kevin Grant. It should be noted that this was Grant’s best ever performance at a WASPA tournament – testament to his ever improving game.

Six juniors also competed in their own event. The playing contingent was split into two groups of three competitors. In the end, it was the Briffa brothers (Alex and Harrison) who competed in the final. After a tense game, penalties were the order of the day – Alex taking the honours 1-0.
All in all a fun evening of table football for everyone involved.
A big thanks to Simon Briffa for making the venue available.

(Report by Christos Garagounis)

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

A first WASPA title for Adam Murray!

Saturday 16 September 2017, Pretoria, South Africa
The 2017 Players' Cup attracted a field of 9 players, which included the participation of Gary Downs from EASTERNS TFC. The last minute withdrawal of Stanton Nortjie deprived us of having a nice round figure of 10 players on the day. At the end of Round 1 action, it was the visiting Gary Downs who (playing in his first ever WASPA event) found himself top of the standings thanks to a convincing 2 - 0 victory over Imtiaz Ahmed.
Top 3 of the day
Round 2 saw a massive clash between Adam Murray & Gary Downs - and Adam took the victory, scoring with just 3 minutes left to play. Adam then followed up with another massive victory by 1-0 over Sherwin Reed - the goal coming with only 11 seconds left to play !!! Marlin Boyd then battled to a hard fought 0-0 draw against pre-tournament favourite Osvaldo van Niekerk. By the end of Round 2 the standings were Adam Murray (1st), Marlin Boyd (2nd) and Gary Downs (3rd).
Round 3 action saw Conway Julie hold Gary to a 0-0 draw. Then a surprise result saw Adam drop vital points to Antonio Abdeziet in a 0-0 draw whilst Marlin tied Adam on 5 points thanks to a 1-0 victory over Sherwin !
Gary secured 3rd place overall with a 1-0 win over Rowin Wilson in Round 4 action - not a bad outing for Gary at all!
The event was then forced into a final play off match when both Adam & Marlin ended on a total tally of 7 points by recording 1-0 wins in their Round 4 matches. The day's action was then rounded off by a thrilling final play off match with both Adam & Marlin playing good attacking Subbuteo - but thanks to good goalkeeping skills from both players, the match ended 0-0. The drama then continued further as Adam won 3-2 on shots to clinch his first ever WASPA title!
Marlin's superb 2nd place overall was rewarded when he received the PFC club shirt as well.

(report by Julian vd Merwe)

As always, a big thank you to all who attended to make the day a great success.

The PFC website & facebook page will be updated shortly with photo's & news content at :

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Number 7 for Gus Gillespie

Saturday 9th September - Woody Point 9am flick off:
The Brisbane Subbuteo clubs 31st WASPA competition had a pretty good turnout on a rather splendid Saturday morning at Woody Point, Queensland. Six flickers fronted up with their little men and polish, all ready to go toe to toe for the grand prize. One of last month’s finalists however wasn’t present, Rik was paying for his recent holiday in the UK and had to work the weekend – luckily for him reckoned Andy who was all geared up to give him a flogging…..
So the 4G network of Gareth,  Gerry, Gus and Giuseppe were joined by Shane and Andy.  Gerry faced the current champ Gus and put up a great effort in only his second comp, narrowly losing 2-0. Andy back from the dead saw off Shane 1-0 whilst the two local boys of Redcliffe saw Giuseppe win 3-0.
The next round had Gerry losing 2-0 again, to a very motivated Andy, Giuseppe came back twice to earn a 2-2 draw with Gus, whilst Shane and Gareth also shared the points with a 1-1 draw.
Round 3 witnessed Gerry lose by a 2-0 margin but this time getting a goal and losing to Giuseppe 3-1. Andy continued his winning ways with a 2-0 victory over Gareth. In the last fixture, Gus snatched a late win in a very tight affair with Shane 1-0.
Round 4 gave Gareth his first win of the day, beating Gerry in a close game 2-1. Shane held Giuseppe to a 1-1 draw and last month’s Champ came unstuck against Andy, going down 1-0.
Round 5 had a few permutations, though Andy had secured a final berth, Giuseppe would need a win to gain his spot, whilst Gus needed a win and hoped Andy could finish with five wins. In the other tie, Gerry got his first point of the day, getting a credible 2-2 draw with Shane. Gus did his bit, beating Gareth 3-0 but all goals came in the second half to keep Gus twitching, and Andy finished top of the group in style, beating Giuseppe 2-1, allowing Gus to sneak in the back door.
So the first ever Sunshine Coast derby final would take place, guaranteeing a trip North for the trophy no matter who won. The first half was very cagey, not many chances created as the two defended doggedly, looking for an opening (the ref Giuseppe’s description was a bit more blunt, “boring” he said). The second half opened up a bit and Gus took a lead with 3 minutes gone. This was the signal for the game to really open up and the game went end to end, Andy though definitely creating the better chances. The final buzzer went and Gus had held on to win back to back trophies for only his second time. A great day as usual, good feed from Giuseppe before the final, and all games played with great sportsmanship. The scores were all pretty close today, a sign of things to come as Gerry finds his feet, Gareth’s flicking is up there with the best (some great blocking) and Shane is not far from rekindling his form from yesteryear.

The next two WASPA tournaments will be on October 28 and November 11 at the Clubhouse.

(Report by Giuseppe Tardiota)

Monday, 18 September 2017

Another trophy for Anas

On 15th Sept 2017, Jurong Club welcomed Antonio Carabillo (Dragons Hong Kong) for their 8th session of Jurong league games. To maximise game play, the organisers planned a round robin tournament with all players enjoying 6 games. Most of the games were closed but the two club league leaders, Rudy a.k.a Encik and Anas again prevail against the others with both bagging 5 wins and a solitary draw, which again came from their match which ended 2-2. In the end, the winner of September league had to be determined by better goal numbers, in which Anas scored more. Hence, Anas was crowned the winner of the monthly club tournament.

(Report by Jurong Central SC)

Friday, 15 September 2017

Parramatta: 2017 September Cup Tournament Report

6 of the 8 starters

Steve Dettre and his 1966 flats
A field of 8 players, ranging from some of Australia’s most experienced table footballers to brand new players, gathered to contest the 2017 September Cup, the 13th edition of this annual tournament. The rules of The September Cup stipulate that only Subbuteo branded bases, goalkeepers, pitches and balls are to be used, so the event is always a fun one where players get to reminisce and pull out their old teams. This year, Steve Dettre went all out and used his original ‘flats’, purchased by his dad in 1966 and still going strong. Meanwhile Paul Magee used the Celtic team he’s had since 1969 – that’s over 100 years of Subbuteo history in those two teams, and players, alone!

Two groups were created for the initial stages. Adrian Elmer, using his hand painted España ’96 squad on 90s bases, faced Eliot Kennedy, using his 1970s heavyweights. Eliot took the lead but Adrian was able to peg back a goal to see the match end in a draw. Meanwhile, in the other group, Dave Sultana took the early initiative in the group of death with a 1-0 win over Paul Magee (a club league fixture between the two two days earlier had seen Paul get up by two goals to nil) while Tony Credentino scored a dramatic last minute equaliser in his match against Steve. In the second round of games, Eliot taught new player, Jason Potter, the ins and outs of the game – Jason using his billiards experience to quickly get on top of flicking angles. Costa Kamarados, playing with his early 80s lightweights, bought as part of a World Cup Edition box set at an Op Shop a year or so ago for just $2, went down 2-0 to Adrian, Paul and Tony played out a goalless stalemate and Dave continued his fine form with another 1-0 victory over Steve. In the third round of group games, Adrian saw off Jason 1-0 as Jason began to work out some solid tactical ploys, while Eliot put Costa to the sword. In the other group, Dave was already guaranteed of top spot but the other three all had a chance of progressing, depending on the results. Tony couldn’t get over Dave to force home his slight advantage, meaning Steve slipped past him with a slim victory over Paul. In a final catchup game, Costa finally found his touch, slotting three unanswered goals past Jason.

The Repechage Semi-Finals saw relatively comfortable wins for Tony and Paul, while the main Semi Finals were much tighter affairs. Adrian continued his unbeaten record over Dave, though the tight game could have gone either way. The other semi final, between, the two old sparring partners, Eliot and Steve, resulted in the tournament’s only shoot-out. Eliot put his shoot-out hoodoo to rest, finally taking the victory after seven shots each, to go to the Grand Final.

In the Repechage Grand Final, a goal from Tony finally managed to split he and Paul after their earlier goalless draw. In the Grand Final, Eliot and Adrian also faced each other for a second time, having met in the group stage. This time, Adrian scored the first goal towards the end of the second half. Eliot pressed hard for the equaliser in the second. The final few minutes saw him completely dominate possession, but an off-side figure that couldn’t be moved meant he was unable to enter the shooting area while Adrian kept his defence well organised. In the end, Adrian was able to hold on, in the process staging just the second successful title defence in the tournament’s long history.
An absolutely great afternoon played in the best spirits, with the different cloth and nylon pitches and the wild variety of curling and bobbling bases and figures adding an extra element of fun. See you all again next September!

for more photos, click here.

for full results, click here.

(Report by Adrian Elmer)

Thursday, 14 September 2017

First tournament in Ponteland for Andy Mill

The very first WASPA tournament in Ponteland, England, was held on Wednesday with four players taking part. Thanks to Stephen Dobbison for hosting the tournament. Here is the report of the semi-finals and finals sent by Stephen.

1st semi-final
Nigel Lamond v Stephen Dobbison 0-0  - 3-1
A tight match ultimately decided by a shootout resulting in Nigel progressing to the final.

2nd semi-final
Andy Mill v Dave Brothers 1-0
Two old adversaries competed in the second semi final with Andy being the successor after a goal early in the second half.

3/4 place playoff
Dave Brothers v Stephen Dobbison 1-0
Dave finished in 3rd place after scoring in the first half.

Andy Mill v Nigel Lamond 1-0
A tight affair with Andy taking a lead which was to prove to be decisive but Nigel was unlucky not to force the game into a shootout when he struck the bar with the last flick of the match.

Congratulations to Andy who retains his trophy which was presented by Nigel.